The Budget Unit - Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much money do I have to spend in my department from UGC Funds?

The form FZIBSUM provides the year-to-date balances for departments. See Budget Manual for further information.

2. Is it necessary to take account of commitments (encumbrance) when ascertaining my available budget balance?

Yes. Commitments (encumbrance) represent Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Orders, etc. for which payments have not yet been made. The University is obligated to pay these amounts based on the Purchase Order issued

3. Is there a position for a lecturer in my budget and what is the estimated staff cost?

Contact the Human Resources Management Division to check availability of position and position number, and Budget Development Unit for staff costs.

4. Are there other costs outside of payroll expenses which are to be included when calculating the staff costs for a new employee?

Yes. As general guide, increase payroll costs by 28% to allow for other staff Benefits e.g. company's contribution NHT, Pension, Health insurance, book grant, etc.