Fund Availability

The Budget Holder in the respective department must first ascertain that funds are available BEFORE entering online -

  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Cheque Requisitions
  • Store Requisitions
  • Staff Benefits form or
  • Any other payment request to the Bursary.

This is done by

  • checking BANNER using FZIBSUM click here for sample form (see Budget Manual) or
  • calling the Budget Development Division

To expedite the process, if funds are NOT available, kindly contact the Budget Development & Control Division to see if provisional or alternative funding can be provided.  If UGC funds are exhausted, Summer School or Consultancy funds can be used, but not the reverse.

The Banner accounting software system will reject Purchase Requisitions, Stores Requisitions, etc. if the departmental operating budget is exhausted.  However, Banner will alert, monthly, online users of percentage of budget expended to date.