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The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Animation is a three-year programme designed to produce graduates skilled in animation and capable of working independently or to become employed in local, regional and international animation production enterprises. Animation is an expansive art form with multiple sub-areas that must be mastered. Students will not specialize in any one animation discipline, but will instead be exposed to multiple techniques and production workflows in the areas of 2D and 3D Animation, as well as Motion Graphics. This programme aims to create well-rounded animators capable of participating at multiple points of the production pipeline in the various animation disciplines.

Students will be taught the history and principles of 2D Animation, which act as a foundation for the teaching of other aspects of animation. Key concepts in the area of motion analysis will also be taught consistently throughout the programme. Every student must develop a commanding knowledge of key framing, squash and stretch, anticipation and overlapping action as tenets of the professional practice. These techniques are commonplace in 2D Animation but are also to 3D Animation and Motion Graphics, which will also be taught. Students will be trained in the use of industry-standard software while also taking part in courses geared at developing the higher order skills required to execute complex animation, visual effects and motion graphics productions.

A robust competency in drawing is at the core of this programme since each animation subarea requires a high-level of drawing dexterity. A series of drawing workshops throughout the three years of the programme provides continuous development of the students’ drawing ability. The content of these workshops is aligned with assignments in the core animation courses, supporting and reinforcing the content being covered. The programme combines both critical theory and applied production, with drawing serving as a prime tool for conceptual character and scenic development.

Full-time students are required to register for a maximum of 5 courses each semester.

Part-time students are required to register for a maximum of 3 courses each semester.

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