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Research Publications

Dr. Olivia Bravo

Bravo, O.S.-A.C. and Chapa, S. (2024), "Testing the effects of moral intensity news frames on consumer boycott intention", Journal of Consumer Marketing, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print.

Arpan, L., Ray, E., Sellers, N, & Bravo, O.S.C. (2022). Self-effects of user-generated messages on pro-environmental identity. Applied Environmental Education & Communication. DOI: 10.1080/1533015X.2022.2121329

Bravo, O. S. C., & Lee, J. (2020). The mediating effects of message agreement on consumers’ response to advocacy advertising. Journal of Marketing Communications, 26(8), 856-873. DOI: 10.1080/13527266.2019.1596969

Dr. Steffon Campbell

Campbell, S. (2021-2022). COVID-19 relief monitoring hub country reports (Jamaica). Media Institute of the Caribbean.

Campbell, S., (2017) “Out of many, one love?” In Tapestries of Culture and Sexuality in the Caribbean. Ed. By Dr. Carpenter, Palgrave, pp. 115-141

Campbell, S., “Thou shalt not be black”: The subjugation of Negroes in the Caribbean through Christianity International Journal of Education and Research.  Vol. 1  No. 4  April 2013.

Mrs. Tanneice Ellis

Ferguson, T., & Ellis, T. (2022). Developing master’s level education students as researchers: Mentors’ and mentees’ experiences. Mentoring & Tutoring: Partnerships in Learning, 30(2), 235-255.

Ellis, T. (2021). Creating an inclusive education environment: Lecturers’ experiences and perspectives in one department at the University of the West Indies. In F. Morris (Ed.), Inclusive education: The key to social transformation (pp. 116-142). Ian Randle.

Dr. Nova Gordon-Bell

Gordon Bell, N. (2021). Towards an integrated Caribbean paradigm in communication thought: Confronting academic dependence in media research. In H. S. Dunn, D. Moyo, W. O. Lesitaokana, & S. B. Barnabas (Eds.), Re-imaging Communication in Africa and the Caribbean: Global South Issues in Media, Culture and Technology (pp. 51-73). Palgrave McMillan.

Dr. Anthea Henderson

Henderson, A., White, L. A., Cook, L. D., Bravo, O., Barnes, C., & Rowe. Y. (2021). Applying mixed methods research to inform broadcast media regulation: A reflection. Caribbean Journal of Mixed Methods Research, 2(1), 219-236. DOI:

Henderson, A. (2017). “Logging on laggardly . . . a critical (self) reflection”. Cultural Studies Critical Methodologies”.

Morris, F. and Henderson, A. (2016). "ICTs and Empowerment of Children with Disabilities - a Jamaican Case Study", ESMC Communication and Information Technologies Annual, Volume 12,  pp. 25-39.

Dr. Alpha Obika

Obika, A. (2020). A lyrical juxtaposition of Tanya Stephens and Fay-Ann Lyons-Alvarez. In A. Onuora, A. Perkins, & A. Nangwaya (Eds.), Rough Riding: Tanya Stephens and the Power of Music to Transform Society (pp. 155-178). UWI Press.

Ms. Yvette Rowe

Rowe, Y., & Frampton, A. (2022). Erased and misremembered: Exhuming the colonial broadcasting of Una Marson. Journal of Radio & Audio Media, 29(1), 61-79.

White, L.A., & Rowe, Y.J. (2018). “Still on air: Producing television in small markets”. Kingston, JA:UWI Press.

Rowe, Y. (March 2013) Vitamin S: Messages, Music and Video - An Analysis of the Sexual Content and Perceptions of Sexuality Communicated in Popular Jamaican Music Videos. Social and Economic Studies. 62, 227-247.

Miss Rae-ann Smith

Smith, R. (2022). Seretse Small: Scoring motion pictures in Jamaica. Interviewing the Caribbean, 7(2), 268-273. University of the West Indies Press.

Mr. David Soutar

McNaughton, M.M., Soutar, D.M.G., (2015). Agricultural Open Data in the Caribbean: Institutional perceptions, key issues and opportunities. Published by the Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation ACP-EU (CTA) 22 Pages.

Robinson, D., McNaughton, M.M., Soutar, D.M.G., Baker, V.,  (2014). Code for the Caribbean: A Case Study. Published by Code for All. 26 pages.

Dr. Livingston White

White, L.A., & Rowe, Y.J. (2018). “Still on air: Producing television in small markets”. Kingston, JA:UWI Press.

White, L.A. (2018). “Social marketing in the Caribbean: Philosophy, programs, projects and pedagogy”. Social Marketing Quarterly, 24 (1), 35-44.

Riley, M., White, L.A, McPherson, A., Jones, T., Gallimore, W., & Cumberbatch, K. (2017). Learning is just a click away: A case study on the effectiveness of using student response systems (clicker’s) in higher education. Caribbean Journal of Education, 39 (1-25).

Hope, D. & White, L.A. (2015). “Your name ah mention: A Content Analysis of Media Coverage of Popular Jamaican Music Feuds 1970-2010” in Hope, D. (ed) Reggae from Yaad – Traditional and emerging themes in Jamaican popular music. (pp. 100-126). Kingston: Ian Randle.

White, L.A. (2015). Charting the Course of Communication Studies in the English-speaking Caribbean: Disciplines, Developments and Future Directions. Journal of Human Communication Studies in the Caribbean, Special Theme - Celebrating the Caribbean in Communication, Culture and Community, Vol 1, # 1, pp.10-20 (11 pages)

White, Livingston.A., Byfield, L., Sutherland, S., & Reid, R. (2012). “Pinch, Leave an Inch and Roll:” Applying the Communication-for-Behavioural-Impact (COMBI) approach to the promotion of proper male condom usage in Jamaica. Caribbean Quarterly (Special Issue on Communication in Action) Vol. 58, # 2-3, pp: 43-66 (24 pages)

White, L.A.  (2012). [Review of the book Health Communication in the Caribbean and Beyond: A Reader, by Godfrey A. Steele (Editor)]. Caribbean Quarterly (Special Issue on Communication in Action) Vol. 58, # 2-3, pp: 174-178 (5 pages)






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