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  • 1974

    CARIMAC was established and admitted its first cohort of thirty-one students for a one-year diploma programme in mass communication or specifically journalism

  • 1977

    A BA degree programme was offered in which students were expected to choose one of four specialization areas—radio production, television production, print production, and audio-visual production.

  • 1994

    An MA in Communication Studies (CS) was introduced.

  • 1996

    The meaning of CARIMAC was changed from the Caribbean Institute of Mass Communication to the Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication indicating a move from broadcasting or disseminating information to large masses of audiences to narrowcasting to specific niche markets and target groups using various forms of media and communication.

  • 1998

    Six specializations were now offered in the BA degree programme in broadcast journalism-radio, broadcast journalism-television, print and online journalism, social marketing, public relations and multimedia. The CARIMAC’s Master of Philosophy and Doctoral degrees also started in this year.

  • 2004

    An MA in Communication for Social and Behaviour Change (CSBC) was offered in response to the need to address health challenges in the region –a programme developed with funding from the SIRHASC / UWIHARP project (Strengthening the Institutional Response to HIV/AIDS/STI in the Caribbean / UWI HIV Response Programme).

  • 2006

    Quality Assurance Review conducted.

  • 2009

    The BA in Media and Communication (PR specialization only) was now offered at the Western Jamaica Campus in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

  • 2010

    BA in Journalism began at Mona and BA in Digital Media Production began at Mona and WJC

  • 2011

    BA in Integrated Marketing Communication began at Mona and WJC; BA in Media and Communication phased out.

  • 2014

    Quality Assurance Review conducted.

  • 2015

    BFAs in Film Production and in Animation began; MA in Integrated Marketing Communication began.

  • 2017

    The official name of the Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication changed to Caribbean School of Media and Communication, effective August 1, 2017. The popular brand name – CARIMAC — remained the short title for the School.

    The name change was based on a recommendation by the UWI’s quality assurance review panel, and endorsed by internal faculty as well as by external industry stakeholders. It was effected through a series of approvals by the appropriate structures at UWI Mona.

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