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Integrated Marketing Communication

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Integrated Marketing Communication programme addresses changes that are taking place in an increasingly converged media and communication environment, where agencies and institutions – corporate, state and para-statal – offer a range of services rather than being engaged as discrete, stand-alone operations. This level of integration that is created by convergence in media and communication is at the heart of this programme. The intention is to produce a graduate who will be competent on converged communication platforms.

This programme is as unique and cutting edge as other communication courses taught only by CARIMAC, and puts the students further at the forefront of the drive towards professionalism of communication services. The main elements in the programme are Public Relations, Social Marketing, Advertising and E-commerce.

Graduates of the BA in Integrated Marketing Communication are prepared to become leaders in the process of providing an integrated experience for its publics – public, corporate, or social.

Full-time students are required to register for a maximum of 5 courses each semester.

Part-time students are required to register for a maximum of 3 courses each semester.

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