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Media Management (Master of Science)

A joint programme offered by Mona School of Business and Management (MSBM) and The Caribbean School of Media and Communication (CARIMAC)

The media and communication sector continues to expand in the Caribbean and around the world. The deregulation of telecommunications and media markets, and liberalisation agreements concluded by regional governments with the World Trade Organization and other global agencies have seen an expansion in media services, but without a corresponding education programme to enable better management of the sector. The Master of Science (MSc) in Media Management delivers instruction in effective management of contemporary media systems and services. It is intended to make candidates cognisant of the demands made in the transition from analogue to digital media, and the role of social media in changing audience tastes and expectations. Increasing convergence to create new media business models requires an integrated approach to the management of these evolving entities.

Programme Outline

The MSc in Media Management will be awarded upon the successful completion of a minimum of forty-two (42) credit hours. All students are required to take: from CARIMAC, six (6) courses (worth 21 credits) and one (1) elective (3 credits), as well as seven (7) MSBM courses (worth 18 credits). N.B. Courses with SBCO codes are MSBM courses.

Entry Requirements

The minimum requirement for admission to the programme shall be GPA of 2.5 minimum or a Lower Second Class Honours degree or its equivalent. Qualifications deemed to be in lieu of the above would be subject to the approval of the Board of Graduate Studies and Research (BGSR) on the recommendation of the department head.

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