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Chevers Whyte

Job title: 
Assistant Lecturer


Chevonnese Chevers Whyte has been a student of the creative arts and a facilitator for creative minds since 2010. This journey has led to her research interest in animation education, where she is currently pursuing an MPhil/ PhD at the School of Education, UWI, Mona. As a certified teacher, her current exploits include investigating animation education in Jamaica and how it has impacted the development of students and teachers. Chevonnese has also assisted with crafting the animation industry through the Jamaica Animation Nation Network (serving as the Brand Manager and formerly as the Marketing Executive). Her network includes the Animation Educator’s Forum and the Society of Animation Studies. She is a strong believer that animation educators should be working in the industry, providing real-world experiences to their learners. Her experiences stem from working on the award-winning animated series Abeeku and the maroons, an original IP for Night Vision Media Ltd., where she sits as co-owner.

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