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The Chemical Society

The Chemical Society has a rich history and as such there are clearly outlined guidelines in place to maintain the vibrancy and continuity of the club. These include: 

  • To encourage the love of Chemistry among its members by creating pathways for a deeper understanding of the subject and showing its practical application in all aspects of modern life 
  • To promote the image and understanding of Chemistry in the wider community and society through fundraisers, chemistry festivals and other charitable events. 

ChemSoc Members 

  • Ricaldo Pryce         –     ACS President/ ChemSoc Advisor
  • Nadesha Pinnock     –     ChemSoc President 
  • Javaughn Anderson     –     First Vice President
  • Tiffany Grant         –     Second Vice Presiden
  • Sheriyann Samuels
  • Kenneva Martin
  • Chamique McFarlane
  • Mickel Rhoden
  • Shennaie Hamilton
  • Shanae Harriot
  • Akeila Dyett
  • Yashique White
  • Johzan Miller
  •  Jophene Campbell
  • Brian Llewellyn
  • Nadesha Pinnock
  • Stephannie Forbes
  • Mikayla Miles
  • Trishannae James
  • Kyanna Woodhouse
  • Tishea Riley
  • Shaiann Rodney
  • Seandre Henry
  • Gabrielle Brown
  •  Jamilia Morgan
  •  Javaughn Anderson
  •  Miguel Rhoden
  •  Brant Campbell 


The club has engaged in a number of different experiments over the years, most of which have real world applications that allow students to have a greater appreciation for chemistry. Some of these experiments include

1. Making of hand sanitizers (done at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic
2. Wine Making<
3. Saponification (Soap Making)
4. Perfume making (with the use of natural essential oils)
5. Electrolysis of brine and other electrolytes
6. pH testing using anthocyanins
7. Pectin extract
8. Making bioplastics


Club meetings are held at 2:30 PM on Thursdays in the Chem/Phys Lecture Theatre. During the pandemic, meetings have been virtual. (The experimenter, President, VP, etc., would conduct the experiment in the lab and the activity streamed via YouTube.) YouTube page: UWI Mona Chemical Society Link to page: Instagram: @uwimonachemsoc

All are welcome! Join us!

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