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Lecture Theatres and Classrooms

The department has control of five lecture theatres and three classrooms, listed below.  All lecture theatres are air-conditioned and most are equipped with video projectors and screens. The department also utilizes two additional lecture theatres which are shared among the departments of the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST).

Lecture Theatres Dept Capacity
Chemistry LT 5 (C5) x 224
Chem-Phys LT x 150
Chemistry LT 2 (C2) x 80
Chemistry LT 3 (C3) x 45
Chemistry LT 6 (C6) x 45
Science LT x 108
Interfaculty LT x 330
Classrooms Dept Capacity
C7 x  
 Tutorial Room 1 (TR1) x  
Tutorial Room 2 (TR2) x  


Undergraduate Laboratories Capacity
Preliminary Chemistry 54
Introductory Chemistry 54
Advanced Inorganic Lab 42
Physical Chemistry 40
Organic Teaching Lab 36
Analytical Chemistry 54
Unit Operations Lab 22
Food Chemistry Lab 15
Research Laboratories Capacities
Organic chemistry research laboratories (3) 22
Inorganic chemistry research laboratory 12
Physical chemistry research laboratory 6
Food chemistry research laboratory 6
Pesticide research laboratory 6
K.E. Magnus Applied Chemistry Teaching and Research Laboratory 

(bauxite and environmental chemistry)

The Chemistry Resource Centre (CRC) and ICT Facilities in the Department

The CRC has space for 20 people and provides ten PC’s for student use and additional internet connections (wired and wireless) for those students with laptops or other mobile devices. The UWI has site licences for some popular chemistry drawing packages and there is access to the Cambridge Crystallographic Database. All staff offices have internet connections available and fibre optic is used between buildings to complete an extensive network.

Library Facilities

The Science Branch Library, located ca. 50 meters from the department has in excess of 3,800 titles in chemistry on the open shelf and over 500 titles in the reserved book collection.  There is access (paid and free) to more than 1,300 electronic science journals, of which ca. 100 are chemistry and chemistry-related, and to SciFinder.  Students in the FST have access to 41 computer workstations located in this library and to several others in the Main Library.  In 2009-10 the department itself started a book loan scheme wherein numbers of prescribed textbooks corresponding to ca. 5% of the enrolment for each course were purchased and made available for loan to students.  Uptake has been good.


The Department houses a well-equipped glassblowing facility which is staffed by a fully trained glassblower.


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