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Chemistry Honours Society

The Chemistry Honours Society (CHS) seeks to recognize outstanding performance in the discipline and is created as a way of encouraging students of Chemistry to aim higher and achieve more. The Society’s main goal is for its members to graduate with high honours (First or Upper Second Class). Members are also encouraged to become members of the UWI Chemical Society.


The Chemistry Honours Society is open to all Faculty of Science & Technology Preliminary and Introductory Level students and to Advanced students pursuing at least three Level II/Level III Chemistry courses per semester.

Preliminary and Introductory Level members of the Society are the top three students emerging from the class after each semester's examination. New Advanced Level students are selected based on their Level 1 grades in Chemistry. Returning Advanced students are chosen as a result of their performance in completed Advanced Level courses.

Membership for Advanced students is limited to persons who:

are enrolled in the Faculty of Science & Technology, Mona Campus

are pursuing a Major in Chemistry

possess a minimum GPA of 3.60

receive a grade of A- or higher in at least three Advanced Chemistry courses, at least two of which must be  lecture-based courses.

have not have failed any course during the semester

Membership in the Society is revised each semester and is based on academic performance.


Recognition ceremony within the Department.

Mentorship by academic staff.

Invitation to attend weekly seminars.

Eligible to become an associate member of a Research Group and participation in Research (Final year students only).

Eligible for summer employment of up to 8 weeks within the department (after two consecutive semesters in CHS – Advanced students only).

Invitation to become a Peer Lead team member

Free membership in the UWI Chemical Society.


Semester I 2014/2015

Semester II 2014/2015

Semester I 2015/2016

Semester II 2015/2016

Semester I 2016/2017


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