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The M.Sc. Food & Agro-processing Technologies (FAPT)

FAPT Masters and Diploma Programme Options

Course Codes and Descriptions

Short Courses (coming soon)



The Food and Agro-Processing Technology Programme

Are you among our Targeted Candidates?

Are you ….?

  •  Looking to upgrade your technical knowledge and skills?
  •  Seeking professional advancement? 
  •  Are you looking to start your own enterprise?
  •  Or maybe you are an employer looking to strengthen the capacity of your human resources?

Elevate your career as a…

  •  Food and manufacturing industry professional,
  •  Trade and/or regulatory industry technical manager,
  •  Technical and/or laboratory analytical staff,
  •  Entrepreneur in the food processing sector,
  •  Agriculturalist (agro-preneurs),
  •  Food Engineer,
  •  Quality Assurance Professional,
  •  Product Development Specialist,
  •  Technical Sales & Marketing Officer,
  •  Consultant.

This programme may be for you!

Apply Early. Small Class Sizes! 

MSc (FAPT) Programme Options

Programme Features:

  •  Full time and part time study options,
  •  Flexible class schedule for working candidates,
  •  Networking Opportunities,
  •  Experienced local and international faculty,
  •  Competitive, market aligned tuition fees.


  • The programme offers candidates the opportunity to –
  • Build technological capacity,
  • Improve knowledge and skills for professional advancement,
  • Deliver new and innovative products to market,
  • Strengthen the human resource capability of employees,
  • Small class sizes.

Why wait, Apply Now! 

Complete the full-time programme in as little as 16 months*
Here is the schedule of courses planned for full-time students.
Complete the part-time programme in 28 months *
Here is the schedule of courses planned for part-time students.
Complete the Post-Graduate Diploma programme in 12 months *
Here is the schedule of courses planned for Diploma students.
Course Codes and Descriptions 

Short Courses (coming soon)


“Our graduates have excelled both locally and internationally”.
MSc (FAPT) Programme Coordinator.

"I had the opportunity to be taught by some of the best professionals in the food industry. The knowledge garnered has allowed me to effortless transition from, Quality Assurance to Research & Development, and now to Manufacturing Operations. I can guarantee that the FAPT programme will impart the skills and knowledge that a food scientist will need to navigate through any sector of the food industry. If you are looking to nurture and advance your knowledge as a food scientist, I highly recommend the FAPT programme."
Tanzena Cunningham (Class of 2013)
Production Supervisor,
Saputo Dairy Products,
Montreal, Canada.

"The FAPT program provided the avenue for me to excel in the field of Food Science, both locally and internationally. It has also equipped me with the requisite knowledge and expertise to not only advance in the organization to which I am employed but it is also a vehicle towards the establishment of my own food processing company in the future."
Dellecia King (Class of 2014)
HACCP Specialist,
Maple Leaf Foods.
Ontario, Canada.

"This program not only broadened my technical expertise but also enhanced my leadership skills, enabling me to navigate the dynamic landscape of the food industry with confidence and success. The comprehensive curriculum equipped me with advanced knowledge in food processing, fostering innovation in my approach to business strategies. completing the MSc in Food and Agro-Processing Technologies Programme has been a transformative journey that significantly propelled my career as a Business Development Manager."
Toni-Moy Stewart (Class of 2013)
Business Development Manager
P.A. Benjamin Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Kingston, Jamaica.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the tuition fee for each of the FAPT programme options?

Does the UWI accept paper-based applications?

What are the matriculation and documentary requirements for entry into any of the FAPT programmes?

  • All applicants must have a first degree (BSc) in any of the pure or applied science disciplines from a recognised local, regional or international University,
  • Official transcripts from the degree granting institution (within 6 weeks of the application) and a certified copy of the degree,
  • Current Resume,
  • Two (2) referee reports,
  • A letter to the Programme Coordinator explaining the motivation for completing the programme, and
  • Other relevant and supporting documents, provided on request.

2 – 3 years of experience in the food industry would be advantageous.

Can I speak to the programme coordinator to receive clarification on my eligibility, or ineligibility?

  • Yes. The programme coordinator may be contacted through the Chemistry Department’s office at (876) 927-1910.

Are the courses in the MSc (FAPT) programme accredited?

  • The courses in the FAPT programme are accredited to the same standard as all the other UWI courses.
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