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Double Bond | 5th formers explore theoretical & practical Chemistry concepts

Dr. Andrea Goldson-Barnaby (Senior Lecturer, Department of Chemistry) hosted twenty-nine (29) 5th form students from Buff Bay High School on January 13, 2023, with their teachers, Ms Debbie-Ann Phillips (MSc student, Food and Agro-processing Technology) and Ms. Leslie-Ann Phillips. The students were introduced to green chemistry and basic chemistry concepts, and participated in experiments in the Food Chemistry Laboratory. These included acid-base titration, red cabbage solution pH indicator testing – using household items such as baking soda, toilet bowl cleaner and paper chromatography among others. The initiative was supported by undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Department of Chemistry who are also active members of the American Chemical Society (Jamaica Chapter). The volunteers were Chamique McFarlane, Kyra Taylor, Nadesha Pinnock, Zoie Garwood, Sashanna Staple and Ricaldo Pryce. The Buff Bay High students were appreciative and expressed their intention to make the UWI their university of choice in the near future.
Photo caption: Buff Bay High School students practicing paper chromatography in the Food Chemitsry Lab at The UWI Mona.

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