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Applied Chemistry (Major)



(Level 1)
A major in Applied Chemistry requires a total of eighteen (18) Level 1 credits from: 
CHEM1810 Introductory Chemistry I
CHEM1820 Introductory Chemistry II
CHEM1910 Introductory Chemistry III
CHEM1920 Introductory Chemistry IV
CHEM1811 Introductory Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM1911 Introductory Chemistry Laboratory II
These Level I courses are equivalent to CHEM1901 + CHEM1902.


MATH -  6 credits from any Level I Mathematics courses (taken in Semester 1 and/or Semester 2)
Advanced Courses

(Levels 2 and 3)
Level 2: twenty-three (23) compulsory credits
CHEM2010 Chemical Analysis A (prerequisite)
CHEM2011 Chemical Analysis Laboratory I (prerequisite) 
CHEM2310 Physical Chemistry A (prerequisite)
CHEM2311 Physical Chemistry Laboratory I  (prerequisite)
CHEM2410 Water Treatment
CHEM3010 Chemical Analysis B
CHEM3011 Chemical Analysis Laboratory II
CHEM3402 The Chemical Industries
  CHEM2010, CHEM2011, CHEM2310 and CHEM2311 may be counted as elective credits.
  Level 3: seventeen (17) compulsory credits
CHEM3401 Project Evaluation & Management for  Science-based Industries
CHEM3403 Chemical Process Principles
CHEM3610 Marine & Freshwater Chemistry
CHEM3611 Introductory Chemistry Laboratory II


Students must ensurethat they

satisfy the prerequisite courses

required for entry

to the electives of interest.

In most instances 12 level 1

credits in the subject of

interest are required. One or more

advanced courses may also be needed


And three (3) additional Level 2 or 3 credits from:
CHEM2110 Inorganic Chemistry A
CHEM2210 Organic Chemistry A
CHEM2510 Food Processing Principles I
CHEM2511 Food Processing Laboratory
CHEM2512 Food Processing Principles II
CHEM3110 Inorganic Chemistry B  
CHEM3112 The Inorganic Chemistry of Biological Systems
CHEM3210 Organic Chemistry B
CHEM3212 Natural Products Chemistry
CHEM3213 Applications of Organic Chemistry in Medicine & Agriculture
CHEM3310 Physical Chemistry B
CHEM3312 Chemistry of Materials
CHEM3313 Topics In Advanced  Physical Chemistry
CHEM3510 Food Chemistry I
CHEM3512 Food Chemistry II
CHEM3513 Food Safety & Quality Assurance
CHEM3621 Marine & Freshwater Chemistry Field Course
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