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Chemistry and Management (B.Sc)

(Level 1)
A B.Sc. in  Chemistry and Management requires a total thirty-six (36) compulsory Level 1 credits from
CHEM1801 Introductory Chemistry II
CHEM1910 Introductory Chemistry III
CHEM1920 Introductory Chemistry IV
CHEM1811 Introductory Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM1911 Introductory Chemistry Laboratory II
These Level I courses are equivalent to CHEM1901 + CHEM1902
STAT1001 Statistics for Scientists
ACCT1003* Introduction to Cost Management and Accounting
ACCT1005* Introduction to Financial Accounting
ECON1000* Principles of Economics
ECON1012* Principles of Economics II
PSYC1002*  Introduction to Industrial  and Organization Psychology
SOCI1002*  Sociology for the Caribbean
MATH -  3 credits from any Level I Mathematics courses (taken in Semester 1 or Semester 2)
Advanced Courses
(Levels 2 and 3)
A B.Sc. in  Chemistry and Management requires a total of sixty-two (62) credits from Levels 2 and 3 and must include:
Level 2: forty-one (41)  compulsory  credits
CHEM2010 Chemical Analysis A
CHEM2011 Chemical Analysis Laboratory I
CHEM2110 Inorganic Chemistry A
CHEM2111 Inorganic Chemistry  Laboratory I
CHEM2210 Organic Chemistry A
CHEM2211 Organic Chemistry Laboratory I    
CHEM2310 Physical Chemistry A
CHEM2311 Physical Chemistry Laboratory I
MKTG2001* Principles of Marketing
MGMT2004* Computer Application
MGMT2008* Organizational Behaviour
MGMT2012* Introduction to Quantitative Methods
MGMT2021* Business Law I
MGMT2023* Financial Management 1
MGMT2026* Introduction to Production & Operations Management
Level 3: eighteen (18) compulsory credits
 Nine (9) credits from:
CHEM3010 Chemical Analysis B
CHEM3110 Inorganic Chemistry B
CHEM3210 Organic Chemistry B
CHEM3310 Physical Chemistry B
Plus six (6) additional credits from:
MGMT3031* Business Strategy and Policy
MGMT3058* New Venture Management


Students must

 ensure that 

they satisfy the


 courses required

 for entry to the

 electives of interest.

 In most instances,

 12 Level 1 credits

 in the subject

 of interest are

 required. One or 

more advanced 

courses may also 

be needed

And three (3) additional Level 2 or 3 credits from:
CHEM2410 Water Treatment
CHEM2510 Food Processing Principles I
CHEM2511 Food Processing Laboratory
CHEM2512 Food Processing Principles II
CHEM3112 The Inorganic Chemistry of Biological Systems
CHEM3212 Natural Products Chemistry
CHEM3213 Applications of Organic  Chemistry  in Medicine & Agriculture
CHEM3312 Chemistry of Materials
CHEM3313 Topics In Advanced  Physical Chemistry
CHEM3402 The Chemical Industries
CHEM3510 Food Chemistry I
CHEM3512 Food Chemistry II
CHEM3610 Marine & Freshwater Chemistry
CHEM3612 Atmospheric Chemistry & Biogeochemical Cycles
CHEM3011 Chemical Analysis Laboratory II
CHEM3111 Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory II 
CHEM3211 Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
CHEM3311 Physical Chemistry Laboratory II
CHEM3511 Food Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM3611 Environmental Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM3621 Marine and Freshwater Chemistry Field Course
CHEM3711 Chemistry Undergraduate Research Project
And 3 additional credits from Level 2 or 3 Management Studies Courses.
*Courses are  offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences
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