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Industrial Chemistry

Introductory Courses (Level 1)
A minor in Industrial Chemistry requires a total of twelve (12) Level 1 credits from:
CHEM1810 Introductory Chemistry I
CHEM1820 Introductory Chemistry II
CHEM1910 Introductory Chemistry III
CHEM1920 Introductory Chemistry IV
CHEM1811 Introductory Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM1911 Introductory Chemistry Laboratory I
These Level I courses are equivalent to CHEM1901 + CHEM1902.
Advanced Courses
(Level 3 )
A minor in Industrial Chemistry requires a total of sixteen (16) credits from Level 3 and must include:
CHEM3401 Project Evaluation & Management for Science-b Based Industries
CHEM3402 The Chemical Industries
CHEM3403 Chemical Pprocess Principles
CHEM2010, CHEM2011, CHEM2310 and CHEM2311 are prerequisites for CHEM3403 and CHEM3402.
Minor consists of 16 compulsory advanced credits. A four-credit course covers the organization and operation of critical chemical industries and provides for internship within an approved chemical industry while courses in project management and chemical unit operation round out the required courses.
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