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Dr. Donna MinottKates

Dr. Donna Minnott Kates
Head of the Department

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry, a dynamic and growing department, the graduates of which are among the most employable in the sciences. Our graduates have and continue to enjoy great success in research, industrial, academic and allied careers, thanks to our hard-working staff who have and continue to push for excellence in the intellectual development of our students. 

Along with promoting the development of entrepreneurs, the programmes offered in our department are designed to create a rich feed-stock of intellectual talent, not only for the local but also the global industrial ecosystem. Our programmes are intricately designed to allow our students to understand chemical principles from a fundamental perspective such that their innovative capacity can be optimally harnessed. 

Since delivering the very first lecture at The University of the West Indies to the first batch of medical students, the Department of Chemistry has grown from strength to strength. In addition to providing a rich learning experience at the undergraduate level, our department continues to advance its rich legacy of excellence in research, producing numerous peer reviewed articles in international scientific journals covering areas such as bioorganic chemistry, catalysis, food chemistry, industrial and environmental chemistry, natural products, metal organic framework, molecular structure and modelling, organic synthesis and allied areas. We have, over the years, been one of the lead departments, not only in research output but also in our graduate student turn-over rate and number of research degrees produced, a legacy of which we are proud and endeavour to preserve and advance.

The Department of Chemistry, always seeking to break new ground in teaching and research, continues to strive for excellence.  

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