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Otelemate Harry
Mrs. Emmogene Budhai-Alvaranga

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Room 53 (New Arts Block)

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L10A: Introduction to Phonetics & Phonology

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • identify and describe basic phonetic and phonological concepts
  • identify and describe aspects of human anatomy and physiology used in the articulation of speech sounds
  • identify and describe speech sounds using basic articulatory parameters
  • identify and describe principles governing the combination of speech sounds in languages
  • carry out transcriptions of any given language data
  • perform phonemic analysis of any given language data
  • identify and describe suprasegmental features found in languages
  • recognize and describe phonological processes found in languages
  • apply knowledge acquired to practical speech communicative situations


  • Two (2) in-course tests on phonetics … … 20%
  • One (1) in-course test on phonology … …10%
  • One Glossary assignment … …10%
  • Two hours (2) Final Examination … …60%
Attendance & Decorum:
  • A minimum attendance of 80% of class meetings and 100% labs attendance
  • Preparation for and active participation in meetings
  • Disruptive behaviour in class will attract relevant penalties
  • All communication devices (beepers, cell phones, lap tops, tape recorders, etc.) must be turned off during class/lab sessions
  • Food and/or drinks are not allowed in class/lab sessions
  • Notice should be given ahead for inability to attend class/lab sessions
Course Assessment

Three (3) contact hours. There will be a 2-hour class meeting per week. In addition, you are required to attend a 1-hour lab or other 1-hour practice session per week.

  • You are expected to put in around 2 - 3 hours of study and practice every week on your own.
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