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Michele M. Stewart


Contact Hours:
2 hrs Lectures; 1 hr Seminar per week







L30B Advanced Syntax

In-Course Essay 40%
Final Exam 60%

You must not be absent from more than 3 tutorials, and it is very strongly urged that you plan on attending every lecture, since this is where you receive the background knowledge to form the basis of your understanding, further reading and application.


The topic of the essay will be of your choosing. Begin thinking about this now. It is expected that the tutorial presentations (see below) will provide inspiration for your topic. You should discuss an outline of your proposed paper with me by the latest the week of Mar 14th.

The essay should be between 2,500 and 3,500 words. Type-written submissions are preferred (10-15 pages double spaced, 12 point), but handwriting will be accepted with no penalty. You should adhere strictly to the length requirement. Please also follow the guidelines for writing Linguistics essays (handout). The essay is due no later than 1pm on Friday Apr 8th.

Tutorial Presentations

Beginning in Week 2, each week a student or a group of 2 students is required to prepare and deliver a presentation on prescribed topics for discussion. Each student should present for 10 mins, and prepare a handout for distribution to your colleagues. Please choose your topic at the beginning of the semester. A list of readings is attached.

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