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Simeon Mohansingh

Consultation Times

Mondays and Wednesdays 4-5,
Rm. 68


Ms. Taneisha Small


PH10C Introduction to Philosophy

Course Description

Course Rationale

This course introduces students with no prior knowledge of philosophy to some of the perennial issues in philosophy which arise out of the search for knowledge of and about the self, being, existence, truth and meaning in life; good and evil; appearance and reality; the rational grounds for belief in anything and especially in God; scepticism and knowledge; and social justice. In this regard, we begin with an attempt to examine those basic issues of human existence such as conceptions of human nature, meaning of life, freedom, death and afterlife. The course emphasizes critical thinking and the value of understanding of issues, appreciation of problems and resolution of difficulties through the use of reasoning and reasoned argumentation as special human capacities for the evolution and development of civilizations.


Attendance and Participation at Tutorials . 10%
One long essay (2500 words) 30%
One two hour Final Examination 60%



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