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Tunde Bewaji, FJIM.

Two lectures and one tutorial per week.

PH20E: Philosophy of Language


Course Syllabus:

Course Rationale

This course provides the forum for the exploration of the issues at the borders of language, logic, communication, intention, representation, prediction and understanding. It explores the intersection that these create for reality in our determination of reality, meaning, science, universals, particulars and truth:

•  What is the relation between thought and language?
•  What is the relation between language and the world?
•  What is linguistic meaning and how does it differ from other kinds of meaning?
•  Does linguistic meaning determine other types of meaning?
•  Why does language matter in philosophy and in intellectual discourse?
•  How does language colour our perception, understanding and representation of realty?
•  Why does one speak one language and not another?
•  Why is understanding of another language never total?
•  What is Indeterminacy Thesis?
•  How does Indeterminacy Thesis affect translation and transliteration.

These issues will be discussed in the light of the ideas of Frege, Russell, Quince, Grice, Davidson, Chomsky, Wittgenstein, Moore , Sodipo, Hallen and Wiredu.


i) One Final Examination (2 hours). (60%)
ii) One extended essay (approximately 2,000 words). (30%)
iii) Tutorial Presentation and Participation (10%).

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