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PH26A African Philosophy I


Course Description

Course Rationale

This course explores in-depth the African foundation of Greek philosophy. It explores the nature of philosophical thought in pre-classical and classical worlds as found in Asia Minor and African. It discusses issues in such areas of philosophy as epistemology, metaphysics, axiology, logic, political philosophy and philosophies of religion from traditional and contemporary African philosophical perspectives. Critical attention will be paid to issues of analysis in philosophy and other forms of philosophical methods as they are explored in African philosophical discourse.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course participants should:

1. Appreciate African philosophy arguments regarding the origin of philosophy.
2. Assess the criteria for the justification of what and who is African philosophy.
3. Examine Epistemological issues in African philosophy.
4. Assess metaphysical issues in Afro-Caribbean philosophy.
5. Have a critical understanding of the role of ethics in traditional and contemporary African philosophy.

6. Evaluate issues raised by political philosophy in African/Caribbean societies.

Course Assessment:

Final Examination 60%.
Course Work 15% Individual.
Tutorial Presentation 10% The teacher must get a copy of the typed presentation. This could be as simple as two pages of the outline of your presentation. Presentation time is 30 minutes. Please note that content, organization and application are important.

Group Work (to be assigned) 10%. You can choose your platform for your presentation.

Active participation in all tutorial 5%. Less than half attendance to tutorials and inactive participation will not attract any mark

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