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MPhil and PhD in Engineering

The MPhil/PhD in Engineering is offered to persons wishing to pursue a graduate degree in Biomedical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Power Engineering or Electronic Engineering, on either a full-time or part-time basis. There is a maximum period of registration of three (3) years for full-time MPhil students, and five (5) years for full-time PhD students.

Research projects in the Faculty are predominantly driven by the needs of local and international industries, and are expected to contribute to solving of engineering and technical problems in the region and around the world. This can be accomplished through our established partnerships with U.S. based universities who have committed to sharing resources to support research collaboration.

Programme Objective

The objectives of research in engineering are to create a cadre of well-trained engineering professionals who can apply their skills and knowledge to:

  • Conduct cutting-edge research to solve complex engineering problems
  • Lead the academic world and conduct internationally high-level researches in each engineering field
  • Foresee future engineering problems and develop mitigation strategies
  • Contribute to the development of scientific technologies for enhancements to our way of life and our natural environment
  • Develop new academic and technological fields
  • Discover new phenomena and create new technologies, based on principles and rules in natural phenomena and pursuit of truth in each engineering field
  • Globalize research and education and contribute to teaching and research in science and engineering
  • Conduct researches that contribute to the development of human and provide suggestions for the future of humanity and the earth, based on high-level academic foundations and vision


Students in the MPhil and PhD programmes should determine with their supervisor which courses would satisfy the credit requirements. The following are a list of existing courses which students pursuing the MPhil/PhD in Engineering may select with the approvals of their supervisors. Most of these courses reside in Full Fee paying MSc programmes within the Faculty of Science and Technology. The necessary approvals will be sought and any financial obligations will be fulfilled by MSE and the graduate student(s). Additional courses will be added at a future date.
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Degree Outline

Tuition and Requirements

Admission requirements for the MPhil programme are as follows:

  • First degree in engineering, physics or another related natural sciences
  • First degree in any discipline plus relevant experience working in a related field.
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0, or an Upper Second Class Honours degree or its equivalent, unless the Campus Committee in any particular case otherwise decides.
  • All students who seek entry without an engineering degree in the relevant discipline may be required to pursue qualifying courses and undertake examinations in these courses. The qualifying courses will be determined by the programme coordinator in consultation with the Director of the School. Head of Department and will normally not exceed twelve (12) credits.

Admission requirements for the PhD programme are as follows:

  • Upgrade from MPhil in similar engineering discipline
  • Approved graduate degrees awarded primarily for research
  • Taught Master’s degree from the UWI or another approved University, provided that the Masters programme included a research component of at least 25% of the total credit rating and the applicant achieved at least a B+ average or its equivalent
  • Such other qualifications and experience as the Board for Graduate Studies and Research may approve
A candidate for the MPhil, or PhD in Engineering is required to follow such courses of study, and 
to undertake such other work, as may be approved by the Campus Committee on the recommendation of the Director of the School, and to pass the appropriate examinations before submitting the thesis: 
  • For students enrolled in the MPhil degree, a minimum of 6 credits should be taken through courses, and for students enrolled in a PhD programme, a minimum of 9 credits should be taken through courses.
  • Depending on the field and the nature of the research, the student’s advisor may require that additional courses be taken, but the total credits must not exceed 12 credits for the MPhil and 18 credits for the PhD.
  • For students upgrading from MPhil to PhD, their MPhil courses will contribute to the course requirements for the PhD.
  • Students entering either the MPhil or PhD degree already holding a Taught Master’s degree may apply to the Campus Committee for exemption from the course requirements of the research degree.
  • Students should present at least two (2) seminars for the MPhil and at least three (3) seminars for the PhD.


See UWI, Mona Tuition Fees for Graduate Programmes

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