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Preliminary Engineering: Programme Structure

Definition of Course Codes

COMP Computer Science (Mona)
CVNG Civil Engineering (St. Augustine)
ECNG Electrical and Computer Engineering (St. Augustine)
ELNG Electronics Engineering (Mona)
ENGR Faculty of Engineering (St. Augustine)
ELET Electronics (Mona)
FOUN Foundation Courses
GEOM Geomatics and Geoinformatics (St. Augustine)
MGMT Management Studies (Mona)
MATH Mathematics
PHYS Physics (Mona)

Note: The letter ‘E’ or ‘C’ preceding the credit allocation indicates Examination by Written Papers or by Course Work, respectively.

Semester 1: 16 Credits

Course Code 

Course Title Number of Credits 

ENGR 0110

Pre-Engineering Physics  I


ENGR 0120 

Pre-Engineering Mathematics I 4

ENGR 0130 

Chemistry for Engineers  3


Biology for Engineers 3

Elective 1

Humanities/Social Science 3

Semester 2: 15 Credits

Course Code  

Course Title Number of Credits 

ENGR 0210

Pre-Engineering Physics  II



Pre-Engineering Physics III 3

ENGR 0220

Pre-Engineering Mathematics II 4

ENGR 0240

Computer Applications for Beginner Engineers  2


Critical Reading & Writing in the Sciences 3

Note: Students with CAPE passes (or equivalent) in mathematics or sciences may be eligible for respective exemptions. 

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