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Requesting an Override

Requesting an Override (for Registration Add Errors)
For course registration errors that would occur after completing step 15, (e.g. Lecturer Approval Required)

  1. Upon getting the “Lecturer Approval Required” Registration Add error message (reflecting with a red coloured ❗ alert icon/symbol)
  2. Click the “Request Override” found at the bottom of the page
  3. When the (Course Overrides) page comes up, click the “Select Course” drop down box, click on the course, type a reason in the box to the right (if you wish) to help inform the lecturer, department or faculty staff attending to override requestsc
  4. Click the “Submit Request” button
  5. Observe the course with the error message listed across the screen which confirms that your override request was correctly made
  6. Follow up with the course lecturer, department or faculty (for Faculty Maximum Hours Exceeded errors) responsible for granting approvals for the course error received


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