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Steps for Late Adjustments to Registration Online Request (DROP)

Steps for Late Adjustments to Registration Online Request (DROP):

  1. Visit the UWI, Mona Website Homepage:
  2. Click “Current Students”
  3. Scroll down to click on “Student Administration System” listed under (Online Systems) (to the left of the page)
  4. Click on “Enter Secure Area”
  5. Enter your user ID number and password in the space provided
  6. Click on "Student"/"Student Services" (at the top of the page),
  7. Click on "Automated Student Request System" (the fourth link on the page),
  8. Click on "Select a Request Type" (a drop-down box),
  9. Click on "Late Adjustments to Registration" (in the list of items in the above-mentioned drop-down box),
  10. Click on "Academic Term" (a drop-down box) to select the academic year and semester for the requested Late Adjustments to Registration
  11. Click "Web Drop" (a drop-down box option) beside each course section or sections for which a drop is being requested
  12. Click on "Reason Category" (a drop-down box) to select a reason
  13. Type a reason in the "Reason" box (beside the above-mentioned drop-down box),
  14. Click on "Submit" to submit the request
  15. Click on "View Request",
  16. Click on the hyperlinked/underlined request number itself to view and ensure that the request is reflecting the correct/exact information entered in addition to regularly check for a response in the "Status Tracker" section ("Status Tracker" wording in red),
  17. Follow up with the Faculty Dean's Office for any queries relating to the request
    Please note the following 2-level approval process for your Late Adjustments to Registration Online (DROP) request:
  18. Level 1: Faculty Approval
    • Office Responsible: Dean’s Office
  19. Level 2: Academic Board Approval
    • Office Responsible: Deputy Principal’s Office

    Please note: “Processing” will reflect as the status until you have received approval from the Academic Board level which is the 2nd and final authority on these matters.
    Please note the following updates that are applied to your record:

  20. Removal of Course(s) from Your Registration
    • Office Responsible: Registration Information System (RIS)
  21. Update of Your Transcript (in line with the decision of the Academic Board)
    • Office Responsible: Registration Information Systems (RIS)

            Contact information for the relevant departments are included here via the links below:

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