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The Mona School of Dentistry

The transition to the School of Dentistry continues with the addition of new administrative staff, and the re-organisation of areas of responsibilities and assigned duties.
The school has circulated a Staff Guide to guide all categories of staff, and has introduced a Culture Statement to further guide students and staff on general and specific aspects of developing a professional environment for the further development of the school.

A total of seventy two students are presently enrolled in the Undergraduate Dental Programme. One cohort of the students are presently doing one of their elective courses locally and overseas, while another cohort has started their elective programme at the Cornwall Regional Hospital’s dental clinic ahead of re-starting their rotation at the Bellevue Hospital Dental Clinic.

Students recently participated in two dental outreaches, one in August Town/Hermitage community and the other in Portmore. As we continue on the path of achievements and success for another year. We are pleased to say that most students have returned to start their semester, while some are presently doing their clinical electives both locally and overseas. We look forward to a successful semester as we continue to strive to respect and appreciate the perspectives of students, staff, faculty, and the public.

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