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The University of the West Indies (UWI) had its beginnings at Mona, Jamaica as an overseas medical college of the University of London in 1948 with admission of thirty-three medical students. Conceived and nurtured to serve the needs of the English-speaking Caribbean, by 1963, it had become a truly regional institution, with campuses established in Jamaica, Trinidad and Barbados and the authority to award its own degrees.

Over the last seventy years, the Faculty of Medical Sciences first expanded clinical teaching to Trinidad and Barbados in 1967 under the Eastern Caribbean Medical Scheme. In 1989 a full medical school was established in Trinidad with expansion of clinical teaching to Nassau, Bahamas in 1997 and, in 2008, the clinical programme in Barbados was expanded to a full 5-year programme. All of its Faculties operate within the governance and policies of their campus under an established and structured central administration As the oldest faculty in the UWI, the Faculty of Medical Sciences at Mona has grown tremendously with current enrolment of almost 5000 students and offering undergraduate programmes in Medicine, Basic Medical Sciences, Nursing, Dentistry, Physical Therapy, Diagnostic Imaging and Pharmacy.

In addition, it has more than 1000 students registered in postgraduate programmes. These include the popular DM Professional Degree programmes, providing training in an expanding number of medical specialties and several taught masters programmes like the Master of Public Health and the MSc in Forensic Science. In 2017, there were also 83 students registered for PhD/MPhil research degrees.

Further information and a complete listing of undergraduate and post graduate opportunities can
be found on the Programmes Page of this website.

Social Accountability and Inter-Professional Education Programme

The Faculty of Medical Sciences (FMS) is committed to excellence in education, community-based research, equity in patient care and advocacy and recognizes the importance of inter-professional education and collaborative practice as central to the provision of effective, socially accountable patient-centred care.
We strive to embrace a social accountability- focused programme that addresses the social determinants of health in healthcare, education and research and establish inter-professional education across the health professions in the faculty.

Engage in Social Accountability and Inter-Professional Education Activities

Inter-professional Student Outreach

Social Accountability Student Outreach    Social Accountability Student Outreach
Make a difference. Contribute to the health needs of underserved and marginalized communities. Sharpen your skills in community engagement, advocacy and inter-professional education.

Our vision for social accountability
The Faculty of Medical Sciences’ (FMS) vision is to be a Faculty of excellence rooted in the Caribbean for Education, Training, Research, Service in Health and well-being. To achieve this vision the FMS aims to be an exemplary socially accountable training institution responding to the health needs of the population.

Our Social Mission
The Faculty of Medical Sciences upholds its obligation to direct its education, research, service and healthcare towards the health and wellbeing of the nation, region and international communities.

Strategic goals:
• Ensure health professional students have opportunities to engage in socially accountable inter-professional experiences in the classroom, in patient care and the community.

• Effect change in the lives of disadvantaged individuals and communities through inter-professional outreach and health care.

• Apply critical thinking and analysis of social determinants in health, clinical reasoning and collaboration among staff and all health professional students.

• Promote excellence in the delivery of health care by providing the foundation for lifelong learning and conduct of research on social determinants and health equity.

• Cultivate scholarly and competent socially accountable health professional students in advocacy.

Strategic Framework

To be a Faculty of excellence rooted in the Caribbean for education, training, research and service in health and well-being.

To advance learning, create knowledge and foster innovation in health for the positive transformation of the Caribbean and the wider world.

Core Values
• Integrity
• Excellence
• Gender justice
• Diversity
• Student Centredness
• Social Accountability
• Professionalism
• Strategic Goals
• Access
• Alignment
• Agility

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