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Animal Research

Research Proposals Requesting Ethical Approval and Involving Animals

The investigator seeking ethical approval must submit the following:

  1. A Cover Letter

Addressed to the Chairman, Professor Horace Fletcher, UHWI/UWI/FMS Ethics Committee, requesting Ethical review of the proposal.

  B. The Project Proposal

This should include:

The Title of the study
Name(s) of the person(s) conducting the study
An Introduction outlining the scientific basis and justification for the study
Clearly stated Hypothesis, Aim and Objectives
The Study Design or Methodology to include:

  1. justification for the number of animals to be used***
  2. precautionary measures to be taken where hazardous chemicals, organisms etc. are to be used
  3. outline of all methods to be used in the study

Significance and benefits to be derived from the study

*** In justifying the number of animals requested for the study, researchers must consider Replacing animals where-ever possible, Refining the study design or Reducing the number of animals to the minimum possible required to achieve the aim and objectives.

All pages of the proposal must be numbered

C. A Completed checklist for Animal Research

This must be signed by the person supervising (i.e. the principal supervisor) the research for students / candidates at the graduate or undergraduate level, and who must ensure that all precautionary measures and ethical issues are adhered to so that animals are not subjected to undue distress, pain and suffering.
(This form may also be obtained from the Physiology Office)

NB. Please note that if the investigator wishes to request additional animals to complete or continue the study, this request should be made to the Ethics Committee with justification.

Additional information on the ethical use and care of animals may be sought in “Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals” The National Research Council (NRC), 1996, 6th Edition, National Academy Press, Washington DC. Which is available in the Science Library, UWI, Mona.

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