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Clinical Translational Research Unit

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The Clinical Translational Research Unit (CTRU) of the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Medical Sciences (FMS) of the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona Campus was created to support research activities within the FMS. Translation research, in this context, involves taking the findings of scientific investigations to real life applications with the purpose of improving healthcare.

As the offspring of the Health Research Resource Unit initially created to provide methodological and data analytical support for faculty research, the Clinical Trials Center which coordinated and implemented clinical trials, as well as the Translational Innovative Entity which provided entrepreneurial support to faculty and students, the purpose of the CTRU is to incorporate, integrate and expand the activities of the former entities. The Unit does this by integrating data from basic sciences, clinical disciplines, public health and social sciences to provide a platform to support research, development, testing, training and the implementation of new approaches to patient and community care.

To fulfill its mandate to the FMS community, the CTRU has strategically been engaging in capacity building programmes for research related skills. The initial targets of these initiatives are the research liaison officers of the Departments and schools of the FMS and research supervisors who are a vital part of the Unit’s growing network of collaborators, that also includes FMS external partners. Services offered by the Unit can be found in the listing below. If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us at our group email address, or your Department's Research Liaison.

Support Services

Support Services


The CTRU currently has six core and two co-opt members, including one research administrative support member and one information technology support member.

  • Core members: Marvin Reid, Janel Goulbourne, Sandra Boyne, Jasneth Mullings, Alexia Harvey and Damien Brown.
  • Co-opted members: Maxine Gossell-Williams and Faith McKoy-Johnson


Department Liaisons


Liaison Officers

Email Addresses

UWI School of Nursing

Miss Pauline Anderson-Johnson

Mrs. Audra Williams

Surgery, Radiology, Anesthesia & Intensive Care

Prof. William Aiken


Dr. Simone French

Dr. Myrton Smith

Medicine (Internal Medicine)


Prof. Michael Boyne

Department of Basic Medical Sciences


Dr. Icolyn Amarakoon

Physical Therapy


Dr. Carron Gordon

Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Dr. Donnette Simms-Stewart


Dr. Tiffany Hunter-Greaves

Department of Pathology


Dr. Sheray Chin

School of Medical Radiation Technology


Mr. Darrion Walker

Department of Community Health and Psychiatry

Prof. Wendel Abel

Department of Child and Adolescent Health

Dr. Abigail Harrison

Mona School of Dentistry

Dr. Arvind Babu Santosh

Department of Microbiology

Dr. Ynolde Leys

The FMS Research Studies Toolkit

This Research Studies Toolkit is designed for use by student researchers and research supervisors as a practical guide to support the development of research studies in the Faculty of Medical Sciences (FMS), The University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona Campus. Members of faculty may also find this document helpful in the course of their research programmes.

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