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Department of Pathology

MPhil / PhD Chemical Pathology

DURATION OF PROGRAMME (including Internship, Research Project, other):

MPhil (3
years Full time and 5 years Part time); PhD (5 years Full time and 7 years Part time).

The programme is research-oriented and areas of basic and clinical investigations will include metabolic, endocrine and genetic disorders, toxicology and therapeutic drug monitoring.

DM Haematology

Curriculum Structure

First three (3) months

  • Automated blood counting
  • Making and staining of films
  • Reporting of films
  • Crossmatching of blood and recognition of antibodies
  • Tests of coagulation
  • Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy – technique and reporting
  • Supervised participation in in-patient and out-patient management including clinical on-call
  • CSF Cytology
  • Control of anticoagulation
  • Hb electrophoresis


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