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DM Ophthalmology

The DM facilitates the acquisition of knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes to a level appropriate to an ophthalmic specialist, who has been fully prepared to begin his/her career as an independent ophthalmologist. The programmes also seeks to promote the appreciation of audit and research.

DM Part 1

Anatomy of the eye, adnexae, visual pathways and associated aspects of head and neck and neuroanatomy. It will also include embryology.
Physiology of the eye, adnexae and CNS, including general physiology (laws and phenomena). It will include organization, function, mechanism of action, regulation and adaptations of structures and their components tissues relevant to the clinical methods of assessment (e.g. acuity, visual fields, electro diagnostics, intraocular pressure)
Medicine in association with ocular disease ( Diabetes, Hypertension, Collagen Vascular disease, Rheumatology, Thyroid, Sickle cell Anaemia, etc)
Basic principles of Pathology (with emphasis on Ocular pathology), Microbiology, Biochemistry

Part II

The optics, theory and practice of refraction (including contact lens).

Application of physical and physiological optics to clinical management.

Principles of instrumentation such as the direct and indirect ophthalmoscope, keratometers, focimeters, microscope

Part III

Clinical and surgical management of Ophthalmic conditions in association with medical and neurology.


To complete a minimum of 1 year fellowship at an institution outside of the Caribbeanprovided prior approval is obtained from the Specialty Board in Surgery. Such approval must be obtained at least six months prior to the commencement of the elective/fellowship period. 

Essential Clinical Experience

Each candidate must demonstrate a suitable level of proficiency in skills in these sub-specialties:

Cataract and Refractive Surgery




Uveitis/Inflammatory disease

Orbit, Oculoplastics, Adnexal and Lacrimal

Neuro ophthalmology

Ocular motility/ Strabismus

Medical Retina

Surgical Retina

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