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The Cardiff Violence Prevention Model has been adopted as policy in the United States.

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The work of Professor Shepherd, who just presented at the FMS Annual Research Conference - "The Cardiff Violence Prevention Model" has been adopted as policy in the United States.

The CDC wrote on their website - "More than half of violent crime in the United States is not reported to law enforcement, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. That means cities and communities lack a complete understanding of where violence occurs, which limits the ability to develop successful solutions.

The Cardiff Violence Prevention Model provides a way for communities to gain a clearer picture about where violence is occurring by combining and mapping both hospital and police data on violence.

But more than just an approach to map and understand violence, the Cardiff Model provides a straightforward framework for hospitals, law enforcement agencies, public health agencies, community groups, and others interested in violence prevention to work together and develop collaborative violence prevention strategies."

You could put these links on both the resources and news pages to the CDC website information, a toolkit, and related journal articles on the Cardiff Violence Prevention Model:

Nov 19 2018
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