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Clinical Training Sites
Undergraduate Clinical Training Sites

The following hospitals have been accredited for all or part of the undergraduate teaching in different
programmes. It is necessary to consult each Programme Coordinator with regard to the particular hospital
and the programme.

• University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI)
• Kingston Public Hospital (KPH)
• Victoria Jubilee Hospital (VJH)
• Bustamante Hospital for Children (BHC)
• Cornwall Regional Hospital (CRH)
• Mandeville Regional Hospital (MRH)
• Spanish Town Hospital (STH)
• National Chest Hospital (NCH)

Postgraduate Clinical Training Sites

The following hospitals have been accredited for all or part of the postgraduate teaching in different
programmes. It is necessary to consult each Programme Coordinator with regard to the particular hospital
and the programme.


• University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI)
• Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) (Residents employed to this hospital must spend three months at the
• Bustamante Hospital for Children (BCH) in the first year and six months at UHWI in the 2nd and 4th years)
• Victoria Jubilee Hospital
• Bustamante Hospital for Children (Residents employed to this hospital must spend six months at UHWI or KPH during the first year, and a further six months at UHWI in the 2nd or 4th years)
• Cornwall Regional Hospital (CRH) (This Hospital has been accredited for six months during first year only)
• Mandeville Regional Hospital (MRH)
• Spanish Town Hospital (STH)
• National Chest Hospital (NCH)
• St. Ann’s Bay Hospital


• Port of Spain General Hospital
• Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex (EWMSC)
• Mount Hope Women’s Hospital (accredited only for three months in the latter six months of the 1st year)


• Princess Margaret Hospital

Elective Students

The Faculty of Medical Sciences at the Mona Campus of the University of the West Indies in Jamaica offers
ELECTIVE CLERKSHIPS to students attending Medical Schools in other countries in the following disciplines:

General Medicine | General Surgery | Obstetrics/Gynaecology | Sports Medicine
Orthopaedics | Tropical Medicine | Pathology | Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Microbiology | Anaesthetics & Intensive Care | Dermatology | Radiology | Psychiatry|
Hematology | MRC/Sickle Cell | Child Health | Community Health |

The clerkships are conducted at the University Hospital of the West Indies, Kingston, as well as at other
accredited teaching hospitals throughout the island. Students, who are interested in pursuing medical
electives in Jamaica, must be fluent in English as all instructions and discussions will be in ENGLISH.
Applicants are advised to state alternative choices as well as time for clerkships, so that they can be given
an alternative in the event of the demand exceeding available allocations.

Travel and Accommodation

Students are responsible for expenses which they incur in traveling to and from Jamaica, as well as for
lodging and internal transportation within Jamaica. Accommodation on Campus for elective students is
available only during July and August, but there are a number of private lodgings available, that accept
elective students.

All International medical students must possess a valid Passport. In addition, nationals of certain countries
must possess a valid visa for entry into Jamaica. Applicants are advised to verify in advance that they have
all the necessary travel documents by contacting the nearest Jamaican High Commission or Consulate.

Information Regarding Training Received

Since the curriculum and teaching methods in some medical schools differ, some elective students may
encounter difficulties in following the essentially clinical clerkships offered here. In order to ensure that
students gain maximum benefit from the clerkships offered, all applicants are required to indicate the type
and level of training which they have received, when applying. This will enable us to arrange appropriate l
earning experiences.

Certificate and Approval of Elective by Applicant’s Medical School

Since an elective clerkship is a courtesy extended to a student from another medical school, all elective clerkships MUST be conducted with the knowledge and approval of the schools involved.

All other medical students who are interested in attending an elective clerkship in Jamaica must also make a formal application for such to the International Students Office at the Mona Campus of the University of the West Indies. This application has to be certified and approved by the applicant’s medical school, and is to be forwarded well in advance of the proposed date of commencement of the clerkship.

Elective students will be attached to a ‘firm’ that includes students studying at the University of the West Indies; but are not required to carry out night nor weekend duty.

Application Fees
A fee of US$30.00 is payable before the application is processed. Upon acceptance, a fee of US$250.00 per week for the duration is payable in order to participate. Payment procedure is included in your acceptance package. While we are unable to guarantee that every applicant will be able to secure the clerkship requested during the period requested, every effort will be made to process all applications.


Visiting students should bring their own stethoscope, penlights and diagnostic set(s).


Visiting students on a clinical elective need to be attired similarly as our students, that is, females should be in dress, skirts or slacks with white coat or bush jacket; males should wear white short-sleeve shirt, white coat or bush jacket, dark trousers, and proper shoes and socks. 

Handbook for visiting students 

Download and complete both application forms below:

Application Form 1

Application Form 2

Visit the International Students Office for additional details.

Local Elective Students

Students enrolled in the MBBS programme are allowed to do electives in any specialty of their choice at a teaching hospital of their choice locally or internationally which must be approved by the Elective Coordinator. The programme mandates that students complete three (3) weeks in Year Four of the programme and five (5) weeks in Year Five (final year). 

4th year Elective Registration Form 

5th year Elective Registration Form

Student Awards

The Faculty's award system is designed to highlight and reward students who demonstrate excellence in academic performance in all programmes of the Faculty of Medical Sciences at UWI, Mona. Students will be eligible for consideration of the following awards.

Dean's List (See 2012 Awardees)

Students who are registered in all FMS undergraduate programmes and are in good academic standing may be named on the Dean's List based on their performance in the previous academic year. The following criteria must be met:

  • Full course load
  • No incomplete grades
  • GPA of 3.60 and above; MB BS - GPA of 3.7 and above
  • No failing grades
  • No disciplinary actions taken or pending
  • Where students took courses in programmes prior to conversion to the GPA system, maintenance of an honours average grade will be considered

Honours Society (See 2012 Awardees)
Criteria for annual membership:

  • On the Dean's List
  • Ranked first or second in their year group

Special Awards for Excellence (See 2012 Awardees)
This award may be given to no more than one student from each of the Faculty's programme areas for
outstanding all-round performance. Criteria for award:

  • Has demonstrated excellent work
  • Identified by the outstanding all-round performance in academic and clinical courses, or identified by reseachers and peers as having demonstrated high levels of interpersonal and professional behaviour
  • Been nominated by Programme Director after selection by a relevant sub-committee chaired by the respective Programme Director.

Co-Curricular Awards (See 2012 Awardees)
These awards are for outstanding and obvious performance or services in sports, culture or service to the
University or wider community. A maximum of 3 co-curricular awards may be given in each year.

  • Must be nominated by a member of the faculty or peers with documentation of evidence of achievement and contribution.
Other Medals and Prizes for Programmes
  • MB BS
  • Undergraduate Dental Programme
  • BBMed Sci
  • BSc Phsyical Therapy
  • BSc Diagnostic Imaging (Radiography)
  • Advanced Diploma in Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound
  • BSc Nursing
  • BSc Nursing post RN
  • Examination Regulations
  • Examination Schedule Semester II 2012/2013
  • Tuition Fees for Undergraduate Programmes 2013/2014
  • Financial Aid
  • Forms and Documents
  • A Guide to the GPA System
  • International Students
  • Online Transcript Request
  • Registration
  • Turnitin
  • Faculty Handbook
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