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Trauma Registry

Trauma Care worldwide as in Jamaica, is of high importance due to its negative impact on health care systems and society. The burden of trauma on the meagre financial resources of our developing nation, also solidifies the prioritization of this preventable disease. The Registry provides data on trauma admissions to the hospital, as well as information on post mortem reports of deceased patients.

Detailed information is captured using the software programme Trauma! developed by Cales and Associates in the USA, now managed by Digital Innovation INC. Data items include:

  • Demography
  • System Access; through the Accident & Emergency Department, Prehospital (in cases where the patient is assessed at the scene of the injury) or other hospitals.
  • Logistics of injury (Etiology - intentional, unintentional/accidental or undetermined, place/scene of injury, domestic versus other, method/agent used - firearm etc.)
  • Mitigation (use of protective device).
  • Care given / Management
  • Outcome/Disposition
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