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Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in Menopausal Jamaican Black Women after Hysterectomy and Bilateral Oophorectomy: An Observational Study



Objective: To determine differences in prevalence of cardiovascular risks and diseases in black Jamaican postmenopausal women who had hysterectomy (hysgroup) compared with those without

Method: Eight hundred and nine (809) women (hysterectomized (HYSGRP) = 403; non-hysterectomized (controls) = 406) were enrolled. Sociodemographic information and lifestyle history, measured blood pressure, waist hip ratio, body mass index, fasting blood glucose, total and HDL cholesterol were obtained.

Results: Of the 809 women, complete cardiovascular risk data were available in 341 controls and 328 in the HYSGRP group. There was no difference in mean age, blood pressure and body mass indices between the subjects excluded and the subjects in the data analytical sample. A significantly lower proportion of women in the control group exercised, attained post-secondary education and were of higher parity. Systolic (mean difference with 95% CI; 6 (3, 9) mmHg and diastolic (3 (1, 5) mmHg) blood pressure were lower in the HYSGRP compared with controls but total cholesterol (0.2 (0.07 to 0.4) mmol/L was greater. HDL cholesterol was not different between both groups 1.3 mmol/L (SD 0.3) vs 1.3 mmol/L [SD 0.4] (p = 0.8435). There was no difference in the prevalence of diabetes, hypertension and high waist-hip ratio in hysterectomized women compared with controls adjusting for hormone replacement therapy usage, cigarette smoking, exercise and educational status. Within the HYSGRP, there was also no difference in cardiovascular disease or risk in women who had bilateral oophorectomy compared with women who had at least an ovary preserved at time of operation.

Conclusion: Hysterectomy was not associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. This must be taken cautiously since data did not allow for analysis on duration of menopause.

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e-Published: 15 Oct, 2013
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