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The Need for Gender Specific Tobacco Control Strategies KAP Survey Findings on Environmental Tobacco Smoke Exposure among Women in the Reproductive Age Group

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Objective: The study was done to assess knowledge, attitudes and practices of women within the child bearing age with regard to smoking and exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) on children’s health.

Subjects and Methods: A cross-sectional study with quantitative and qualitative components was designed to collect data from women in the child-bearing age. The sample comprised of persons from the two largest combined family planning and antenatal clinics in Kingston, Jamaica.

Results: The women surveyed had a fair level of knowledge about ETS health risks, negative attitudes to smoking in general, and most supported a ban on smoking in public places. Significant knowledge differences existed between young and older women and between smokers and non-smokers.

Conclusion: Women with the highest level of knowledge were the non-smokers: of the low knowledge score group (current smokers), 50% were in the 15−24-year age range. There is a need for more public education on smoking and the consequences of environmental tobacco smoke exposure on children’s health.

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e-Published: 17 Oct, 2013
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