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Opinions of Turkish Forensic Medicine Specialists about Concept of Death in Turkey




Objectives: This investigation was performed to determine opinions of forensic medicine specialists about concept of death.

Methods: This descriptive, cross-sectional and qualitative study was performed on 103 forensic medicine specialists who consented to participate in the study between 2011–2012. Data were recruited during face to face interviews and via e-mail.

Results: Forensic medicine specialists participated in this study were mostly (74.8%) male, married (81.6%) with a mean age of 40.45 ± 6.85 years. A 24.3% of them were practicing their specialty for 11‒15 years. This study revealed that forensic medicine specialists demonstrate a lower level of death anxiety.

Conclusions: Forensic medicine specialists demonstrated a moderate level of avoidance attitude, while they manifested depressive mood towards death. The opinions of forensic medicine specialists about concept of death were somewhat determined in our study. 

12 Aug, 2015
e-Published: 26 Jan, 2016


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