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Publication Trends in West Indian Medical Journal: A 12-Year Bibliometric Study Populates an Ontology



Objective: Formal specifications of scientometric data representing a journal's output were to be generated.

Methods: Individual print issues of the West Indian Medical Journal (WIMJ) from 2001 to 2012 were perused. An ontology was populated with the results in accordance with the OWL DL format.

Results: Scientometric data could be obtained from the 1332 articles published by the WIMJ and entered into an ontology. The current approach did not however, allow the conversion of textual nuances into code considered compliant with the OWL DL format.

Conclusion: West Indian Medical Journal has shown an increasing trend in the number of published articles over the last twelve years. It is possible to generate an ontology that could support future modelling and simulation. The authors' attempts to remain fully compatible with the OWL DL format did not support the representation of textual nuances.

06 Jan, 2015
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e-Published: 01 Mar, 2016
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