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Vol 65, Issue 3: 2016

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Special Articles

  • R Melbourne-Chambers, CDC Christie, E Greenaway, R Bullock
    This case series suggests a unique clinical pattern of neuro-inflammation in Jamaican adolescents occurring during the ZIKV epidemic and questions the role of the three circulating arboviruses in the pathogenesis.
  • CDC Christie, R Melbourne-Chambers, J Ennevor, S Young-Peart, T Buchanan, P Scott-Brown, N McNeil-Beecher, T Fulford-Ramdial, M Richards-Dawson, T James-Powell, ST Jackson
    The Chikungunya Fever epidemic had significant public health and economic impact in Jamaica. In children, there were characteristic presentations in neonates and young infants and in children six months to six years. Neurologic involvement was common but other organ dysfunction was rare.
  • M Williams, A Ali
    The Zika outbreak and its potential association with severe neurological syndromes was declared a public health emergency by the World Health Organization. An abrupt increase in the incidence of otherwise infrequent acute neurological syndromes is described in Jamaica.
  • TD Davidson, I Vickers, CDC Christie
    Before the emergence of Zika in 2016 and Chikungunya in 2014, there have been numerous dengue outbreaks in the Caribbean. Despite this, there is a paucity of published studies on dengue in children from this region. The potential for exponential spread of the Aedes aegypti dengue vector and its deleterious outcomes in children underlines the importance of this paper.

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