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Vitamin D Deficiency Rickets in Infants Presenting with Hypocalcaemic Convulsions



Aim: Hypocalcaemia evaluation of the clinical, biochemical and radiological features of 91 infants with rickets who presented as hypocalcaemic convulsions.

Subjects andMethods: Ninety-one hypocalcaemic infants who were brought to hospital with convulsion and diag-nosed with rickets related to vitamin D deficiency according to their clinical, biochemical and radio-logical features were retrospectively reviewed.

Results: Mean values of the laboratory data were as follows: calcium 5.55 ± 0.79 mg/dL, phosphorus 4.77 ± 1.66 mg/dL, alkaline phosphatase 1525.5 ± 925.4 U/L and parathormone 256.8 ± 158.3 pg/mL. Serum 25-OH vitamin D levels were below normal (< 20 ng/mL) in 37 infants.

Conclusion: Vitamin D deficiency should be considered in infants presenting with hypocalcaemia. To avoid complications such as convulsions, clinicians should give vitamin D supplementation to such infants.


29 Oct, 2012
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e-Published: 26 Jun, 2013
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