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The Development of Postgraduate Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Training at the University of the West Indies



The one-year Diploma in Anaesthetics (DA) was the first postgraduate programme offered by the then Faculty of Medicine of The University of the West Indies (UWI). It was instituted in 1966, when the need for trained physician anaesthetists became paramount. Over 200 physicians have been awarded the DA which was discontinued in 1994. The four-year Doctor of Medicine in Anaesthetics [DM (Anaesthetics)] was commenced in 1974 and continues to train most of the region’s physician anaesthetists. The majority of the 119 graduates (as of December 2011) are providing invaluable services to the people of the Caribbean. The time has come for the establishment of a regional certifying body, the Caribbean College of Anaesthetists. This college would determine the standards for the training and clinical practice of anaesthetists as perioperative physicians including: the conduct of anaesthesia, critical care, acute and chronic pain management. It would also facilitate continuing medical education and recertification of all practising anaesthetists within the region.

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e-Published: 21 Aug, 2013
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