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M.Sc. /M.Phil./Ph.D. Occupational & Environmental Safety & Health

Occupational & Environmental Safety & Health
Director of Institute:  Prof. Ishenkumba Kahwa

The Department of Chemistry, through the OESH Programme, offers the following Graduate programmes:

    -M.Sc. Occupational & Environmental Safety and Health (face to face, intense delivery mostly during evenings, weekends and holidays)
    -M.Phil./Ph.D. Occupational & Environmental Safety and Health (Research degrees)

Duration of programmes:

             Full Time                 Part Time

M.Sc.      one year              two years
M.Phil     two years             four years
P.hD.      three years           six years


Phd Occupational and Environmental Safety Health

Programme Objectives:
The Doctoral Programme prepares persons to provide high level leadership in OESH research; policy design, implementation, analysis and evaluation; standards development.

Entry Requirements
Applicants must have an M.Sc., M.Phil. or equivalent degrees. First degree or equivalent holders seeking a Ph.D. must first enroll in the M.Phil. degree programme from which they can petition the Office of Graduate Studies and Research for transfer of registration to the Ph.D.. This is done following outstanding progress on research the evolution and scope of which exceeds requirements for the M.Phil. Degree, examination of a written report and its public oral presentation.

For Research Degrees:
(Areas of Research)
Industrial hygiene, workplace safety, all aspects of environment, ergonomics, toxicology, standards and policy development.

Numbers of Seminars required or to be presented
Ph.D. students will register for the ‘Seminar Course’ (1 credit) each semester, attend regular seminars arranged by the programme and make presentations once per semester.

Duration of programme:
Minimum 3 years

Programme Structure:
 Ph.D. students must complete a minimum of 9 credits from the M.Sc. OESH program and conduct research leading to a thesis.

Additional Information/Notes:
Advice should be sought from Program Director Prof. Ishenkumba Kahwa before applying for Ph.D. OESH degree.
Programme Coordinator: Mr. Paul F. Brown
Programme Director: Prof. Ishenkumba Kahwa
Programme Assistant: Ms Grace Hosang

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