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CAPE Workshop 2021 Registration Form

The Faculty of Science and Technology is hosting its annual CAPE Workshops from January 11 – 15, 2021. These workshops are designed to reinforce theoretical knowledge through theory review, practice questions, and laboratory experience.

Kindly note:

  1. Given the challenges faced by all, during the pandemic, registration fees are being waived for this year.
  2. Schools may participate in as many workshops as they wish; however, some workshops will run for the entire day.
  3. Schools who have not received registration confirmation may not be accommodated.

This staging of the workshop will be held virtually. There are 6 separate one-day workshops in the fields of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geography, Mathematics and Physics. The sessions will run from 8:00a.m. to 5:30p.m to cover the following topics:



WORKSHOP DATES: January 11-15

Ms. Claudia Lewis –

  • Unit 1 – Angiosperms, Protein Synthesis, Tissue Culture, Genetic Engineering
  • Unit 2 – Immunity, Nervous System, Homeostasis, Ecosystems
Register for the Biology sessions here.



WORKSHOP DATES: January 11-15

Mrs. Tracia Johnson-Blair –

  • Unit 2 – Chromatography; Spectroscopic Methods of Analysis (U.V./Visible, Infrared, Mass Spectrometry)

Register for the Chemistry sessions here.

*Chromatography kits for Thin Layer, Paper and Column Chromatography experiments will be on sale.
*You can purchase complete kits or individual components of the kit.


Computer Science

Unit 1: January 12
Unit 2: January 14

Dr. Phillipa Bennett -

  • Unit 1 – Internal Assessment(SBA); C Programming: Functions, Arrays, Structures, Pointers and File Manipulation
  • Unit 2 – Internal Assessment(SBA); Abstract Data Types (ADTs)

Register for the Computer Science sessions here.



WORKSHOP DATES: January 11-15

Dr. Thera Edwards –

  • Unit 1 – Map Reading, Hydrology and Limestone environments
  • Unit 2 – Map Reading, Climate

Register for the Geography sessions here.



WORKSHOP DATES: January 11-15

Mrs. Orinthia Fisher-Howe –

Mr. Omar Forrest –

  • Unit 1 – Differentiation; Integration; Trigonometric Functions; Induction Functions
  • Unit 2 – Differentiation; Integration; Sequences, Series and Approximation; Counting; Complex Numbers; Differential Equations

Register for the Mathematics sessions here.



WORKSHOP DATES: January 11-15

Ms. Candice Charlton –

  • Unit 1 – Simple Harmonic Motion
  • Unit 2 – Operational Amplifiers

Register for the Physics sessions here.


To register, please follow the link on the subject area. Kindly allow 24 hours to receive confirmation of your booking.

For more information, you can contact the point person for the respective subject area, listed above.

We look forward to your school’s participation in The UWI CAPE Workshops 2021.

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