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Welcome to the Faculty of Science and Technology

Overview of the Faculty

Teaching in the Faculty of Natural Sciences commenced at Mona in 1949 with students in the Departments of Botany, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Zoology. The first eleven graduates appeared in 1952 and by 2000 over 9,000 graduates had been produced. In addition to undergraduate teaching, postgraduate teaching and research form an important aspect of the work of the Faculty.

It was later renamed the Faculty of Science and Technology in August, 2012 in order to standardize the name of the Faculty across the campuses, as well as to better represent its offerings. Our Faculty has over 2,748 undergraduate and 282 graduate students registered in the MSc, MPhil and PhD programmes. The Programmes offered cover a wide range of fields, including Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Life Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geography and Geology, Mathematics and Physics. The Faculty offers Diploma, BSc, Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma, MSc, MPhil and PhD programmes in almost all Departments. 


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