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Faculty of Science and Technology


Adj. coming before all others in time or order.


Our Faculty was among the FIRST at The University of the West Indies, starting out as the Faculty of Natural Sciences at Mona in 1949 with the Departments of Botany, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Zoology.

From our first eleven graduates in 1952, we have been the premier place of learning in the Caribbean for the Sciences and Technology for over 11,000 graduates and researchers at the undergraduate, teaching, postgraduate teaching and research levels.

Today, as the Faculty of Science and Technology, we have over 3,000 students registered in MSc, MPhil and PhD programmes running the gamut from Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Life Sciences to Chemistry, Computer Science, Geography, Geology, Mathematics and Physics.

Excellence is in our nature; and being FIRST is a tradition for us. We have produced world renowned experts in their fields and published cutting edge research that has advanced the growth and development of our region. We gave the world

Prof. The Hon Anthony Chen, OM Nobel Laureate

  • Professor Anthony Chen, an Atmospheric Physicist and a member of the team awarded the Nobel Prize in 2007 for efforts to increase and disseminate greater knowledge of man-made climate change and to lay the foundations for measures to mitigate against the impact of this global phenomenon.

Prof. The Hon Gerald Lalor, OJ, CD, OM

  • World class scientist Professor Gerald Lalor, Fellow of the Third World Academy of Science has contributed to local, regional and global development.

Prof. The Hon Dale Webber, CD

  • Our current Principal, Professor Dale Webber, a UWI FST-grown coastal ecologist known around the world.
Will you be FIRST to join us in our continuing mission to nurture and prepare the next generation of the world's greatest minds?
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Elecia Myers
Our Partnerships and Resource Mobilisation Coordinator



Students, staff, teaching and learning systems and processes have all been impacted by the pandemic.

The needs of students have increased given changes in their personal economic circumstances.

The call for psychosocial support for students and staff has increased.

The Faculty has had to adjust to facilitating remote learning through various internet-based platforms.

Research interest in COVID-19, its impacts, method of transmission and treatment through natural or other means has peaked.

In anticipation of a return to face to face instruction, modifications will be required to various learning and teaching spaces.

The impacts are many; we list just a few.
We welcome your support for the FST as it strives to serve its students at this difficult time

Please make donations to the
FST Endowment Fund

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