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offered during second half of Semester I and first half of Semester II



available only to students in the Environmental Sciences Option



Summer Course


not offered every year



available only to students registered in the B.Sc. (special) degree programme


Year-long courses






























Undergraduate Courses

Semester I

Semester II

Level I

GEOG1101 (6 credits)
Introduction to Human Geography

GEOG1201 (6 credits)
Introduction to Physical Geography

GEOL1001 (6 credits)
Introduction to Earth Sciences I

GEOL1002 (6 credits)
Introduction to Earth Sciences II

Level II

GEOG2101 (4 credits)
Urban Geography

GEOG2301 (4 credits)
Geographical Thought and Research Methods

GEOG2201 (4 credits)
Geosphere and Hydrosphere

GEOG2102 (4 credits)
Geography and Development

GEOG2202 (4 credits)
Atmosphere and Biosphere

GEOL2001 (4 credits)

GEOL2002 (4 credits)

GEOL2004* (4 credits)
Structural Geology and Geological Mapping

GEOL2003 (4 credits)
Igneous & Metamorphic Petrology

Level III

GG3301 (4 credits)
Geography of the Caribbean

GG36R (4 credits)
Geography Research Project

GG31A (4 credits)
Urbanization in Developing Countries

GG37B** (4 credits)

GG31B (4 credits)
Global Economic Structure and Process

GG31D (4 credits)
Global Structure and Political Order

GG31C (4 credits)
Tropical Agricultural Systems and Development

GG31E (4 credits)
Geographies of Tourism

GG32A (4 credits)
Geomorphic Processes and Landforms

GG31F (4 credits)
Health and Society

GG33C (4 credits)
Information Management and Analysis

GG32E (4 credits)
Climate Change: Concepts, Causes and Issues

GG32F (4 credits)
Biogeography of Tropical Environments

GG33B (4 credits)
Urban and Regional Planning

GG33F (4 credits)
Introduction to Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing

GG33K (4 credits)
Disaster Management

GG33H (4 credits)
Environmental Resource Management

GL38B (4 credits)
Ore Geology and Industrial Minerals

GL32A (4 credits)
Caribbean Geology

GL30D*** (4 credits)
Analysis and Management of Natural Hazards and Risks

GL33A (4 credits)
Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology

GEOL3001 (4 credits)
Geology Research Project

GL37B (4 credits)
Marine Geology and Geophysics


GL39M (4 credits)
Field and/or Laboratory Project


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