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UWI Participation at the Annual Conference of the Association of American Geographers in Washington, DC a huge success.

The Geography and Geology Department had one of it's highest profile presences at the most recent Association of American Geographers (AAG) Annual Conference, which took place in Washington DC from 13-18 April, 2010. The conference is one of the largest held in the discipline, with geographers from a range of international settings taking part, and this year's meeting included over 5000 participants in attendance.

Presentations of original research were given by 8 postgraduate students:

Donovan Campbell

Seema Kadir

Carlos Michel

Shiva Mohan

Kevon Rhiney

Theresa Rodriguez

Jasmine Waite

Candice York

Joyelle Clarke

And several faculty--Prof. David Barker, Dr. Susan Mains, and Dr. David Miller--delivered presentations and organized a series of special sessions and meetings throughout the conference.

Postgraduate student, Soyini Ashby (also in attendance), was elected student representative candidate for the Board of the Cultural Geography Specialty Group.


Several of the students were highlighted in a special AAG Blog Feature: BSC Earthview, which can be found at http://bsc-earthview.blogspot.com/2010/04/association-of-american-geographers.html  , and information on the Qualitative Research In Geography Specialty Group (QRSG) AAG activities can be found in the QRSG Newsletter edited by Dr. Mains at http://www.uvm.edu/~mcope/QRSG/QRSG%20Newsletter%20Spring%202010.pdf  .

Financial support for student and faculty participation at the conference was generously provided by UWI Campus Research and Publication Funds Awards, UWI Study and Travel Grants and UWI New Initiative Awards.


Research from the presentations will be disseminated through a range of upcoming publications and research collaborations.

Congratulations to all!




Summer Examinations 2010

The Department of Geology is advising students who failed GEOG1101during the 2009/2010 academic year that they may register for summer examinations in this course in the summer of 2010. Only those who have already passed the coursework component will be permitted to register for these examinations.

If you wish to take up this opportunity, you are to register for these courses as “Examination Only” candidates. You will present yourselves at the Department as follows to write the examination, after having registered and paid the fees for eachcourses. A tmetable for these exams will be posted shortly.


  Please email Mrs Anne Lyew-Ayee ( anne.lyewayee@uwimona.edu.jm ) to indicate your intention to register for these exams, as well as to ascertain whether you do have a passed coursework grade which will qualify you for the summer examination(s).

Please note that you must register for and pay the requisite fees in full prior to sitting the exams.



CIDA Funded Interactive Learning Centre Opened

The UWI Geology Museum (UWIGM) has received approximately $12,000 Canadian Dollars to enhance the Museum. The project is Phase 1 of Component one of the UWIGM Rejuvenation and Modernization Project. The project involves the converting of a small backroom in the museum into an interactive learning/discovery centre.

The project began in September 2009 and is expected to be completed by March 31, 2009.The UWIGM, the Department of Geography and Geology and by extension the University of the West Indies is most grateful to the Canadian High Commission through the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives for this grant.



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