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Radiation Safety and Nuclear Security

The Department of Radiation Safety and Nuclear Security, formally the TLD department, was conceived out of the need to monitor ICENS personnel following the commissioning of SLOWPOKE-2 Research Reactor in 1984. 

The department has expanded and now offers radiation safety services commercially. These include: personnel dosimetry (TLD), surveys and swipe testing and education and training.  

ICENS currently has over One hundred and Thirty TLD customers from the islands of Anguilla, Barbados, Turks and Caicos and Jamaica. Our customers operate in a range of industries: X-ray and other medical imaging applications, industrial radiography, cancer diagnosis and treatment, distilleries and bottling, and university departments.

Surveys and swipe/leak tests are conducted for the commissioning and/or verification of equipment as well as to identify contaminated items and leaking sources. The majority of the survey work done to date has been at the ports of entry on

x-ray scanners as well as shipment containers. ICENS is will be expanding its surveying capabilities in the near future.

The department has recently began to offer training on radiation protection and safety through short sensitization sessions for its TLD customers. More intense modules are available upon request.  

Radiation Protection and Safety

  •     Measuring Radiation Thermoluminescence Dosimeter (TLD)
  •     Envrionmental Radiation
  •     Tracerco™ NORM Monitor Kit
  •     Norm GM Contamination Monitor
  •     Fixed Area Monitors
  •     Real-Time Monitors
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