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ICENS in-house analytical facilities focus on inorganic chemistry. When necessary we also carry out non-fuel organic chemical analysis in collaboration with other UWI Departments. Our laboratories are in process of gaining ISO 17025 accreditation and are profiled briefly below. ICENS carries out analyses on a commercial basis and enquiries regarding services can be addressed to

Nuclear Analytical Lab

ICENS operates two very powerful complementary nuclear techniques, Neutron Activation Analysis and X-Ray Fluorescence which provide enormous analytical power for a wide range of elements.

Atomic Spectroscopy and Wet Chemistry Lab

The Atomic Spectroscopy and Wet Chemistry Laboratory primary analyses metals in solutions, digests, extracts and waters.

Radiation Safety and Nuclear Security

The Department of Radiation Safety and Nuclear Security, formally the TLD department, was conceived out of the need to monitor ICENS personnel following the commissioning of SLOWPOKE-2 Research Reactor in 1984. 

SLOWPOKE-2 Research Reactor (JM-1)

The Jamaican SLOWPOKE-2 research reactor (JM-1) is a pool type reactor, designed by the Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd (AECL). It is fueled by approximately 6 kg of uranium enriched to 19.86% 235U and has a nominal thermal power rating of 20 kW when operating at full power.

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